Enhanced Hospital Coverage

Constitutional Challenge

Since almost no one (okay, nobody) enjoys being in the hospital, GroupHEALTH plans include added benefits designed to make things a little easier at a difficult time.

Hospital Indemnity Benefit 

Non-medical expenses related to a hospital stay can add up quickly. To help make a difficult time a little easier, GroupHEALTH’s plan provides Plan Members with a per day cash payment commencing on the 5th consecutive day of hospitalization.

Medical Imaging Services

Waiting to find out what’s wrong leaves most people feeling frustrated and anxious. This benefit gives Plan Members $1,000 per calendar year towards obtaining an MRI (providing that it is not prohibited by provincial legislation) which can hopefully speed up a diagnosis.

We all hope to avoid hospitals but if your employees have to go, it helps to know GroupHEALTH goes with them.

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