Employee Health Benefits

Employee Health Benefits

Great Health Benefits Help You Hire and Retain Great Employees

Let’s face it, its competitive out there. A great employee health benefits plan is an important tool in attracting and retaining great employees. Health benefits are at the core of your overall coverage plan. Our group benefits plans cover other areas like prescription drugs, vision care, paramedical and more, supporting and extending provincial plan coverage.

GroupHEALTH Benefits Solutions® has been creating and delivering comprehensive yet affordable plans for over 30 years. We’re an independent benefits provider. We provide program administration but we also have our own in-house underwriting department. This creates a number of advantages for our clients:

  • We have previously negotiated underwriting parameters with our insurers; this cuts down on negotiations that brokers typically have to complete (and without our volume of business).
  • Lastly, in-house underwriting gives us the ability to quickly turn around quotes.

Our expertise, buying power and relationships let us source the very best health and other components, at the very best value. With the inclusion of value-added elements that others just don’t have, we take a holistic approach to the overall well-being of your employees.

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