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We Protect Employees and Their Families

We do employee group benefits. It’s all we do, and we do it really, really well… because we do it differently.

Like our name says, we’re focused on ‘solutions’. We’re using our deep knowledge, experience and insurer relationships to make sure that we can keep our client’s programs affordable. While the industry has often focused on ‘price and expenses’, GroupHEALTH is focused on managing ‘costs and claims’; the root causes of spiralling benefits costs.

Driven by real-life client situations, we tackled the two biggest drivers of cost increases: prescription drug costs and long-term disability. The introduction of our Smart Rx Solutions® (Managed Rx™ and Postscripts) and Canada’s Original Mid-term Disability® program have saved clients literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. And they can help your company too.

If we’re this good at dealing with the tough stuff, imagine how good we are at building great, sustainable everyday benefits programs.

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