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The Crystal Ball for Disease

The Crystal Ball for Disease

For most people, the diagnosis of a disease or serious health condition comes as a result of symptoms which propel an individual to seek medical treatment. By the time the symptoms occur, the disease may already be advancing throughout the body.

Now imagine a device that can screen a single drop of blood and diagnose dozens of diseases before the individual has suffered a single symptom! Sounds a bit like a crystal ball, but an American biologist is working on such technology which he believes will be perfected in the next decade. Some of the technology could be ready as early as next year, allowing the early diagnosis of select diseases like lung cancer.

Early diagnosis (before symptoms occur) could potentially lead to a higher success rate in treating these diseases; it may also act as an added incentive for individuals to make lifestyle changes that could have a positive effect on their health.

This and other medical research is being presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Vancouver.

Source: Vancouver Sun


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