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The COVID-19 pandemic has created operational, financial and workforce challenges for social services and community development organizations that are facing increased demands for services. This has an effect on the issues that existed well before the pandemic including:

  • Funding without stable resources to support core operations, 
  • High turnover generated by low wages and benefits, and limited opportunities for career advancement, 
  • Recruitment and employee retention challenges increased by high levels of stress, burn out and lay-offs.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021


45 minutes

For over 40 years Paul Wheeler has worked in and on behalf of Canadian community social service organizations.

 He currently serves as Board Chair and Chief Governance Officer at the Community Services Benefits Trust (CSBT), while also serving as an Ambassador for the Trust.

About Our Expert

Cost Sustainable Coverage for Long-Term Care Facilities  

Extended Health & Dental Coverage

Disability Coverage

Life & Critical Illness Coverage

Employee Wellness Coverage

About CSBT  

The Community Services Benefits Trust is a non-profit trust that was formed in January 2002 by a group of not-for-profit community service organizations. 

Working together, these organizations created the trust to provide fully insured, locally accessible benefits to social service organizations.  

Key Principles 

Our plans are available on a fully insured basis.

Our plan engages and consults with participating agencies. 

Our plan has no infrastructure requirements.

Our plan is delivered through local service provider.

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Join us for a webinar with social services expert Paul Wheeler on getting more value and support for your organization and your employees through a well-built employee benefits plan.

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During the seminar Paul will discuss: 

  • Why the right solutions should support the physical, emotional, and mental health of your employees, especially during a global pandemic 
  • Why social services and community development organizations need to invest in prevention, and why that might be easier than you expect   
  • Why the traditional “cookie cutter” benefits programs have left the social services sector under-served 
  • Getting to financial sustainability through better tools and programs   
  • How a better benefits plan can help you improve employee engagement and financial stability.

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Employee Benefits for Social Services and Community Development organizations: Get More, Not Less, 
a free webinar led by social services expert Paul Wheeler