What’s the difference between a benefits discount and a cost-contained benefits plan?

What’s the difference between a benefits discount and a cost-contained benefits plan?2019-09-23T22:26:31-07:00

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This is a story we hear often: an employee benefits broker offers big discounts in the first year of your plan to get you to switch from your existing broker and insurance company. You can’t believe your luck – you’re so used to “inevitable” cost increases that a big discount seems too good to pass up!  

But by your plan renewal the reality has already hit: you can’t outrun your claims experience or cookie-cutter plan design, and you’ve gone from huge discounts to huge increases. By year three, you’re somehow not just back to where you began, but paying even more – and your new “discount” broker is out of discounts (and solutions) to offer!  

This is a story we’re sick of hearing!  

GroupHEALTH doesn’t try to buy your business with discounted benefits plan. The reason? We know that eventually the insurance companies are going to find a way to make you pay for your discount, and that’s not good enough for us.   

Instead we offer something better: cost-contained benefits plan that build financial sustainability right into your benefits plan design, every year.   

It’s why we talk so much about plan features like SmartRx, which reduce your exposure to big prescription drug increases. Or built-in DMI Assist, which matches our experts with employees with a disability claim to get the employee back to work quickly and safely.  

These are just some of the ways that we make your plan affordable over the long term – and avoid the seductive but no-win world of insurance company “discounts”. 

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