Three Practical Ways to Build Affordability Into Every Benefits Plan

Three Practical Ways to Build Affordability Into Every Benefits Plan2019-09-23T22:28:39-07:00

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Value of coverage should be a primary consideration for all business owners. After all, a typical benefits plan in Canada can cost over $3,000 per employee per year! 

The secret to understanding benefits costs is actually quite simple: the primary driver of benefit plan costs is how the plan is used 

This is why cost containment needs to be “baked into” benefits plans. This ensures that businesses avoid the all-too-common cost roller coaster of poorly designed plans. Here are three practical ways that GroupHEALTH helps business contain employee benefit plan costs: 

Health Spending Accounts 

These popular accounts allow small business owners to set a per employee maximum while allowing employees to decide how their benefit dollars are spent. 

SmartRx Prescription Drug Coverage 

Prescription drug coverage is one of the most expensive portions of traditional benefit plans. GroupHEALTH’s SmartRx options allow business owners to tailor the design of their drug coverage to encourage employees to use lower cost (but equally) effective alternatives. 

Disability Coverage with DMI Assist 

Not only is the absence of an employee a cost problem for a business, but a disability claim can drive benefit plan costs up. Services like GroupHEALTH’s built-in DMI assist help businesses manage potentially costly disability claims and focus efforts on returning employees to work quickly and safely. 

At GroupHEALTH, we specialize in practical ways that businesses of any size can save money – because we provide benefits too! Speak to an expert benefits advisor by phone now to get more information. 

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