Project Description

The No Max Medicinal Cannabis Program

Add No Max Medicinal Cannabis Coverage to your benefits plan to provide comprehensive medically-prescribed cannabis coverage.

No Max Medicinal Cannabis

About the No Max Medicinal Cannabis Program

Employers with 16 or more plan members can provide medically-prescribed cannabis coverage to their plan members. Coverage amounts for prescribed medicinal cannabis are not capped, giving plan members comprehensive access to treatment. Medicinal cannabis is delivered by courier. Prescriptions are fulfilled exclusively through Zenabis, Canada’s leading medicinal cannabis provider.

About Zenabis

  • Zenabis is a licensed medicinal cannabis producer providing Canadians with safe, high-quality cannabis. In addition to the cultivation and sale of medicinal cannabis, they also actively engage in patient education, physician counselling, and building awareness around cannabis and cannabis derivatives. Read more at: Zenabis.com.

About No Max

  • Research suggests that average daily use of prescribed cannabis is one gram – leaving many plan members with needs higher than the caps typically put on coverage amounts for medically prescribed cannabis. By adding a no max option to your plan, you can ensure that your coverage is sufficient to meet plan members’ medical needs.

About Medically Prescribed Cannabis

  • As with pharmacy practices, all prescriptions from physicians for medicinal cannabis are verified by accredited medicinal personnel at Zenabis before dispensing.

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