Is Your Employees Benefits Business Just Being Passed Around?

Is Your Employees Benefits Business Just Being Passed Around?2019-09-23T22:28:05-07:00

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Did you know that in Canada just three enormous insurance companies control over 70% of the group insurance market? At their size, they operate more like institutions expecting your business than companies competing for your business.  

And chances are that if your benefits plan has been “shopped” by your broker recently it doesn’t mean that you’re getting plan improvements or sustainable cost savings. It just means that the lowest first year cost from one of the mega-insurers has “won”, and by year three you’ll end up with the same plan design and even higher premiums!  

The Benefits Sector Is Broken… But We Have A Solution! 

At GroupHEALTH, we’re not focused on protecting our size – we’re focused on building affordable, configurable and usable benefits plans for organizations of all sizes.  

  • Affordable means living without crazy price swings, and letting your plan design (and not bait-and-switch discounting) protect your bottom line.  
  • Configurable means giving you the best options – and changing them when your plan needs an upgrade 
  • Usable means a hassle-free claims experience, low administrative overhead and expert help when you need it. 

Stop letting your employee benefits plan get passed around from one mega-insurer to another. Instead, let GroupHEALTH provide you with a better employee benefits experience. 

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