Advisor Partners

Advisor Partners

Are you a born entrepreneur? Are you driven to grow your current business? Do you understand the value of having a differentiated product set to sell? Do you think being able to prove to your prospect that you’re as concerned about costs as they are, and showing how to actually do something about it could help sales? Would an independent benefits provider who actively helps you with your sales and marketing efforts help grow your business?

If you said Yes (emphatically)… we should talk!

A key piece of the GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions® go-to-market model is an exclusive network of Canada’s best Advisor Partners delivering our products and services to clients. Specifically selected from across the country, our Advisor Partners provide knowledgeable, local representation for GroupHEALTH’s unique value proposition. We select Advisor Partners based on their knowledge of particularly group benefits, an understanding of GroupHEALTH’s unique products and services and a customer-first mentality.

GroupHEALTH creates and supports a unique suite of innovative products and value-adds, and our Advisor Partners deliver outstanding local service. Now that’s what we call ‘partnership’!

How to Become One

It’s a pretty exclusive club!

There are several steps to becoming a GroupHEALTH  Advisor Partner. Contact us now to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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