Focused on Value!

Focused on Value

Focussed On ValueGroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions delivers value to member-based groups by focusing on a long-term, sustainable approach to group benefits; the “Managed” approach. Our focus is on effective, ongoing claims cost management, and a constant search for innovative, leading edge approaches to lock-in savings. The “Managed” approach contrasts with the “Traditional” approach which focuses on ethereal short-term cost savings with no cost-containment strategies.

Adding Value
All association plans include the following value-added services, to give your members a great plan that will allow them to attract, protect and retain the best qualified workers.

Disability Management Institute (DMI)

Disability Management InstituteIncluded as a valuable supplement to long term disability benefits, DMI’s services address all aspects of an employee absence due to non-work related injury or illness. After just 5 consecutive days of absence, DMI can become involved to support the employer and the employee.

DMI will:

  • Provide administrative claims management services.
  • Manage communication with employers and key stakeholders for the duration of an absence.
  • Provide confidential, personal support for employees and key stakeholders.
  • Develop customized return-to-work plans, to allow an employee to safely work while recovering from injury or illness.


LifeWorks Employee and Family Assistance Program

CeridianAvailable to all employees and their dependants, the EFAP is a comprehensive resource to help employees address emotional problems and seek practical solutions to both personal and professional issues.

LifeWorks’ EFAP includes:

  • Telephone, online, and in-person confidential counselling.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Expert Medical Advice

Expert Medical AdviceNeed a second opinion? This service lets plan members obtain a valuable second medical opinion when diagnosed with a critical illness. Expert Medical Advice is made available with every GroupHEALTH employee benefits plan.

Expert Medical Advice provides:

  • Plan members a case-specific second opinion and suggested treatment plan from highly qualified specialists.
  • Remote access to specialists, with no travel required.
  • Plan members’ physicians with unique resources and expertise.

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