Why choose GroupHEALTH as your Employee Benefits provider?



Prescription drugs typically account for 70% of extended health costs. What if we could help you put spiraling drug costs on a nice sedative?

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GroupHEALTH Release of Reserve®

Your current provider may have 40 – 60% more of your money in their bank than they need (and they intend to keep it)! GroupHEALTH is the only provider in Canada to offer a “Release of IBNR reserves” program.

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Canada’s Original Mid-Term Disability®

By changing one letter, we’re saving clients 10 – 15% on the cost of disability… permanently. Canada’s Original Mid-Term Disability® is another example of what’s possible when you don’t just accept the status quo.

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All insurance plans are the same right? Wrong! When you’re as pre-disposed to keeping costs contained as your clients, you find ways to add value and keep employee benefit programs sustainable for the long haul.

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