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GroupHEALTH & Trucking – Partners For the Long-haul

Since our first trucking industry employee benefits plan collaboration with the BC Trucking Association in 1995, GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions has been ‘in the cab’ with Canada’s trucking industry. We are the designated group benefits provider for every provincial trucking association from BC to Nova Scotia, as well as the umbrella Canadian Trucking Alliance itself.

Like all great partnerships, it’s been beneficial for all concerned. GroupHEALTH is so committed to the trucking industry that we created a dedicated product – AdvantagePLUS™ − specifically to meet the needs of its associations, and members.

Members expressed the need to contain spiraling long-term disability costs, which led directly to the development of Canada’s original Mid-term Disability™. Working closely with key employers, our insurers and Advisor Partner, this one-of-kind GroupHEALTH product was exactly the solution they needed and has collectively saved trucking companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mid-term Disability is only available to companies with 200 or more employees so the savings can really add up! Some companies have combined a Managed Rx program to help lower overall prescription drug costs creating additional savings.

As the testimonials around our website attest to, we take partnerships pretty seriously, particularly when it comes to keeping their employee benefit plans sustainable! Our trucking Association clients aren’t the only ones who ‘deliver’!

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