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We’re as Comfortable in The Lunchroom as the Boardroom

The Forestry and Mining sectors still make significant contributions to the economies of most provinces across our country.  They employ large numbers of people in well-paying jobs and of course where there are employees, GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions and our Advisor Partner network are there working with the companies to protect them and their families.

These are often dangerous jobs. It’s a sector where both employers and employees pay close attention to their benefits program. We get that because GroupHEALTH started as small company in Prince George, BC; we grew up in the resource sector. We’re proud of our long association and experience with these hard-working industries, and our support for the families that drive them in small towns and large all across Canada.

And, it’s not just GroupHEALTH that has deep experience in these sectors.  Because of our distribution structure, our Advisor Partner’s often live in the same community or region as the business operates, so they understand the businesses, and the people that run them. They’re just as comfortable in the ‘lunchroom’ as the ‘boardroom’ so when it comes time to sit and talk with your folks about Benefits, or heaven forbid, support them through a loss, they’re dealing with people from nearby.

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