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  • Over 35,000 employees from almost 600 companies are covered by GroupHEALTH’s Association Plans.
  • Sector-specialists in trucking and transportation, community services, commodities and many more. We understand your member needs and create solutions that work for your organization.
  • Significant group buying power benefits both large and small organizations


Focused on Value

GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions delivers value to member-based groups by focusing on a long-term, sustainable approach to group benefits; the “Managed” approach. Our focus is on effective, ongoing claims cost management, and a constant search for innovative, leading-edge approaches to lock-in savings. The “Managed” approach contrasts with the “Traditional” approach which focuses on ethereal short-term cost savings with no cost-containment strategies.

Focussed On Value
Value Employee Benefits

Adding Value

All association plans include these value-added services, to give your members a great plan that will allow them to attract, protect and retain the best qualified workers:

Disability Management Institute (DMI)

Included as a valuable supplement to long term disability benefits, DMI’s services address all aspects of an employee absence due to non-work related injury or illness. After just 5 consecutive days of absence, DMI can become involved to support the employer and the employee.

DMI will:

  • Provide administrative claims management services
  • Manage communication with employers and key stakeholders for the duration of an absence
  • Provide confidential, personal support for employees and key stakeholders
  • Develop customized return-to-work plans, to allow an employee to safely work while recovering from injury or illness


Disability Management Institute

LifeWorks' Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Available to all employees and their dependants, the EFAP is a comprehensive resource to help employees address emotional problems and seek practical solutions to both personal and professional issues.

LifeWorks’ EFAP:

  • Includes telephone, online, and in-person confidential counselling
  • Is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Expert Medical Advice

Need a second opinion? This service lets plan members obtain a valuable second medical opinion when diagnosed with a critical illness. Expert Medical Advice is made available with every GroupHEALTH employee benefits plan.

Expert Medical Advice:

  • Gives plan members a case-specific second opinion and suggested treatment plan from highly qualified specialists
  • Provides remote access to specialists, with no travel required
  • Provides plan members’ physicians with unique resources and expertise
Expert Medical Advice

What Our Clients and Partners Say

We were looking for a way to continue to offer competitive benefits without either decreasing coverage levels, or passing on cost increases to our employees. We hadn’t found an alternative to this plan until we were introduced to GroupHEALTH. Their disability and drug product initiatives were two key areas that allowed us to derive initial savings and more importantly, contain future costs. Those tools provided us options that helped us reach a new collective bargaining agreement. Don Johnson, Regional Vice PresidentMVT Canadian Bus (client)
Nathan, Brenda, and Gail were very responsive and willing to go above and beyond to help the owners of a plan get a 12 month fill of meds for their trip reimbursed and helped to investigate the possibility of extending the already excellent SSQ travel medical coverage. Diane CarpenterCooper Financial (Partner)
Our company's association with GroupHEALTH has been a positive experience. I can't see our relationship ending anytime soon. Abramson Enterprises Ltd.(Client)
The Group Health team are very focused on the trucking industry and their products go above and beyond to meet our members needs. They are continuously working to bring value to our membership and our industry. Jean-Marc PicardAPTA (Client)
The Manitoba Trucking Association is pleased to have a partnership with GroupHEALTH -  an organization that truly understands the needs of our members. We have worked with GroupHEALTH for several years and have seen the benefits and cost savings first hand. They have recognized the need to provide a product and service that is as unique and diverse as our industry. They have not only met that challenge, they have exceeded it. Terry ShawManitoba Trucking Association (Client)
I have to say that your staff is truly special and the dedication and commitment to GroupHEALTH comes through in all that they do. Jack BeckPeace River Coal (Client)
The OTA group benefits program has literally been transformed since partnering with GroupHEALTH. Our members have experienced reduced costs and significantly improved service which allowed us to grow the program 10-fold in just a couple of years. The people at GroupHEALTH are first-rate (it starts at the top) and truly work with you. They are leading edge in terms of seeking innovative ways to help our members control costs without sacrificing the key elements of the group benefits program that their employees rely upon. In fact, we have worked together to expand the service offerings to our members. I highly recommend GroupHEALTH. David BradleyCanadian Trucking Alliance, Ontario Trucking Association (Client)
I am very pleased with the professional, consultative approach and the extensive benefit package that we are able to offer our employees and associates. Robert DownsOK Tire (Client)
When I was first approached to do the pilot for the OTA benefit program I expected challenges that would be equal to or greater than the savings, however, the service, benefits and price are second to none. Jeff BryanJeff Bryan Transport (Client)
If you are serious about this business, serious about group benefits, then GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions is the right partner fit. Diane DupuisDupuis Langen Financial Management (Advisor Partner)
We hit it off very well with GroupHEALTH, we like the proposition they put forward. Mike BlewettBlewett and Associates (Advisor Partner)
I just wanted to let you know that I was one of the Clients who didn’t use WEBS online because I found it cumbersome and hard to use. I have been using it for the past few months and find it extremely easy to use after the update and have very seldom had to ask for help while using it. Thank you, I now love to use WEBS online. Cathy JohnstonCity of Langley (Client)
The City of Langley has appreciated the professional services provided by GroupHEALTH Global over the past 10 years. We are confident that they are always working on our behalf to negotiate the best rates with our benefit providers. Their dedication was recently demonstrated when one of the City’s employees was critically injured while out of country resulting in an expensive, extended hospital stay generating costs which exceeded the life time maximums for the employee. Through negotiations with the foreign health care provider and the City’s benefit provider all the costs were covered so that the employee’s family was not financially burdened. These extra efforts were certainly appreciated. Darrin LeiteCity of Langley (Client)

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