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Canada’s most innovative insurers and service providers to give your business maximum flexibility for your benefits plan with Canada’s most innovative insurers and service providers to give your business maximum flexibility for your benefits plan

Fast and paperless setup - Using Canada's most powerful online plan administration system

Hassle-free, mobile device claims submission and seamless reimbursement. Employees are empowered to enroll, submit claims, and view rewards statements

Our expert advisors will speak to you by phone or in-person to provide the best plan for your business.

Talk to our advisors now about affordable and configurable health and dental coverage for your business.


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About Us

GroupHEALTH is excited about the future – which is why we work with over 4,000 businesses across Canada to help drive their businesses forward with affordable, configurable and usable employee health benefits plans.

In every industry there is a company that thinks and does things differently. In employee
group benefits, GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions™ is that company.

Our expert advisors will speak to you by phone or in-person to provide the best plan for your business.

Talk to our advisors now about affordable and configurable health and dental coverage for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will employee benefits cost my business?

GroupHEALTH's commitment is to give you the most cost-effective benefits plan - and to help you understand what's driving the cost of your benefits. The cost of employee benefits always depends upon the coverages and coverage levels selected, and how the plan is used (claims) by employees. Because claims are such a significant factor in determining plan costs, GroupHEALTH specializes in plan features that help contain claims costs.

Thought your plan design and claims experience will ultimately determine your plan costs, we often tell businesses to budget between $2,000 and $4,000 annually, per employee. This is based on both our own client base and independent research.



I already offer employee benefits, but I'm not sure I'm getting full value. Can you offer a second opinion?

Yes! GroupHEALTH's plan and pricing analysts specialize in assessing plan performance. If you provide us with copies of information you already have - a copy of your current plan "booklet", your last billing statement, and an overview of your employee composition - we can quickly assess whether you have the right plan for your business.

We look at whether you have the right coverages and coverage levels for your employee base; whether you have enough cost containment features in your plan to reduce your price risk; whether you're spending too much time on plan admin; and whether we can offer you more cost-effective solutions. Read more about our plan strategies.


My employees are a diverse group. Can I offer different coverages for different groups of employees?

Yes! GroupHEALTH specializes in plan designs specially-configured for each business, including plan components that can be turned on or off for each employee. Many of our clients offer different plan designs for management, work-from-home, and in-office employees.

Even better, we offer plan components that allow employees to chooce what they need - like Health Spending Accounts and Flex Plan packages - while capping costs for your business.


My business has never offered employee benefits before. Where do I start?

It starts with a short telephone conversation with our benefits experts. We'll gather some basic information from you about your business, and then do some analysis to get you both a recommendation on coverages and coverage levels and a quote.

Smart Plan for Small Business is a unique package of existing GroupHEALTH products and services. It is designed to help Canadian small businesses balance excellent benefit coverage with cost containment.  

Extended Health & Dental Coverage

Disability Coverage

Life & Critical Illness Coverage

Employee Wellness Coverage

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Grow your team, not your expenses.
Your benefits plan can help! Help your business and your employees through challenging times.

Benefit Solutions

Usable: Let your business – and your employees – enjoy a convenient and hassle-free benefits plan experience from purchase to renewal

Affordable: we build benefit plans designed to grow with your business, minimizing program admin costs 

Configurable: build a plan selecting from 60+ benefit types, giving Canadian businesses a full range of options from basic to fully customized


Choose Your Coverages & Benefits

Extended Health, Dental & Prescription Drugs

From basic coverage to fully custom plans for dental, vision, hospital, paramedical, travel medical and Smart Rx Drug coverage. Our expert advisors will help you build a plan to fit your employees and budget. Plan members can submit claims anytime, anywhere simply by snapping a picture of receipts and submitting in seconds using our free mobile app, or submitting directly through their health care provider.


You can get better disability coverage and keep your costs contained. Disability plans don’t have to be a mystery. They don’t have to be limited to two traditional coverages, short-term and long-term. Their costs don’t have to inevitably climb every year. They don’t have to drown your business in confusing paperwork. We give you options to save annual costs, let the EI premiums you're already paying give you a hand, and return employees quickly and safely back to work with in-built DMI Assist.

Life & Critical Illness

Don’t be satisfied with traditional elements of life and AD&D coverage. Every GroupHEALTH plan has built-in enhancements to extend support for employees and their families when the need is greatest. Plus, give your employees the option to top up critical illness coverage for themselves and their families when they enroll in a GroupHEALTH Benefits plan. Support your employees and their families when they need it most.

Employee Wellness

Fully custom to basic coverage for dental, vision, hospital, paramedical, travel medical, Smart Rx Drug plans and virtual healthcare. Plan members submit claims anytime, anywhere: snap a picture of receipts and submit in seconds using the mobile app.  

Almost 60% of organizations offer a wellness program as an investment in employees by increasing employee health and engagement, and about 40% of companies offer it as a means to help contain health costs. Organizations provide access to flu shots, health risk assessments, and fitness challenges to encourage physical and mental health wellness in the workplace.

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