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Constitutional Challenge

On our Radar: Constitutional Challenge Raises Compelling Arguments on Canadian Health-Care

Is the Canadian health-care system as we know it about to change? The start of a BC court case that features a constitutional challenge against Canada’s health-care system has caught the eye of not only British Columbians, but citizens across the country. The national attention surrounding this case comes as no surprise with opposition arguing […]

Health Care Costs Rising

Health Care Costs Rising Faster Than Your Income

Forty percent or more of a provincial government’s revenue is budgeted for hospitals, doctors and drugs. In B.C., the cost of health care comes out $17.5 billion in 2015, and $141 billion in Canada. The Fraser Institute in B.C. decided to look at these costs and the affect it has on family income. They broke down […]


Universal Pharmacare can save Canada Billions

According to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Canada is the only country with universal healthcare but without universal coverage for prescription drugs. The study also states a universal pharmacare program should save Canadians billions of dollars by dropping spending on prescription drugs in Canada 32%, or $7.3 billion dollars annually. Prescription […]


Employers should encourage spending on Preventative Health Care

Educating employees and their families on preventative measures is just as important as providing employee benefits. A new study by Green Shield Canada discovered there is a growing gap between the needs of employees and their families, and the benefits they receive from work. Benefits are being spent on lifestyle services, like massages for children […]


Heart Disease: The Good News and the Bad News

A recent Heart and Stroke Foundation report revealed the medical community has made huge advancements in understanding cardiovascular health. This progress has allowed doctors and patients to make heart disease more manageable than it was decades ago and increase survival rates. Currently, five per cent of heart attack and stroke patients fail to survive an […]


The Economics of Health Care

Do you ever wonder why there are no licensed treatments or vaccines for diseases like Ebola? According to a recent article by the Harvard Business Review, the answer is profit. There is not enough profit for pharmaceutical companies to invest time and money into finding a treatment for these types of diseases as the return […]


Pharmacare: The Answer to Canada’s Rising Drug Costs?

GroupHEALTH’s Managed Rx™  offers organizations a sustainable solution to help control the rising costs of prescription drugs so both the employer and employee can save money. It encourages plan members to buy generic drugs through a central dispensing pharmacy (CDP), which is a large centralized pharmacy that uses group purchasing power to buy drugs in […]

Toddlers Dentistry

Toddlers Need to Visit the Dentist Too!

A recent study found less than one percent of children receive dental care as recommended by 12 months of age. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that children see a dentist within six months of their first baby tooth appearing or by age one, whichever comes first or there can be painful, costly, and preventable repercussions […]


Measles Outbreak – Are You Vaccinated?

The recent measles outbreak in BC, New York, and other provinces and states, has doctors urging people to check their medical records to see if they received the measles vaccine. If they haven’t, they should get one right away unless they are pregnant. The best way to prevent the spread of the virus is through […]


See Your Doctor Online

Don’t want to wait in a doctor’s office to see the doctor anymore? Well now there’s an app for that! The growing popularity of scheduling video appointments with doctors has come to BC! Medeo is a secure service allowing patients in British Columbia to connect with doctors through a secure video conferencing platform available for […]


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