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How to Buy Employee Benefits Packages

Researching employee benefits packages for your staff? These 6 key questions can help ensure you find the right package for your organization.  

return to work strategies

Effective return to work strategies

Disability Management Institute (DMI) President, Matt Hendrick explains how the right return to work strategies can help reduce the duration of employee absences and generate positive outcomes for both employees and employers. Read more in Benefits & Pensions Monitor  


Tackling the increasing costs of your Group Benefit Plan

According to a new report by Aon Hewitt, the average global cost increase for group benefit plans will be 9.1% in 2016, which is five and a half percentage points higher than the initially projected global average. This increase is largely due to the cost of specialty drugs used to treat illnesses such as chronic […]


Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) are earning a bigger share of the Insurance Market

At a recent CGIB (Canadian Group Insurance Brokers) seminar, the topic of insurance industry market share was discussed. The big three insurance companies are seeing a drop in market share while self-insurance and third-party administrators a more complete service, which includes administration, payroll, and human resources, allowing employers to focus on their business while saving […]


Don’t wait for Pharmacare to Rescue You

For a few years (2010-2014), the cost of drugs had leveled off (some even declined). However, new drugs are emerging on the market with some hefty price tags, and once again, the topic of a national pharmacare plan in Canada is being raised. However, Mike Sullivan, president of Cubic Health, an analytics and drug-plan management […]


Travel Insurance within Canada – Are you covered?

Canadians love to get away and travel outside of the country. Some of us also like to explore our own country, but many people are unaware their provincial health plan may not cover all of their medical expenses while travelling in another Canadian province. An Alberta mother learned this lesson the hard way after prematurely […]


The real cost of Insurance Fraud

Recently, police charged a Toronto business for their alleged involvement in insurance fraud with a few Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) employees. The company billed the employees for orthotics, braces and other medical devices, but employees never received actual devices. Instead, the employees allegedly submitted the claims and shared the money with the business. The estimated […]


Quitting over Group Benefits

In the U.S. nearly one-third (31 per cent) of employees would leave their employer within 12 months, and about half of those (15 per cent) would quit immediately, if their employer discontinued health care coverage, according to a survey by Accenture. In Canada, most employers offer health care, but if the coverage does not add […]


ClaimSecure’s PhotoClaims is as “Quick as a Selfie!”

Just finished a massage and on the way home…but first, let me take a #selfie…of my claim receipt! That’s right, you can now submit a claim by taking a picture on your phone with ClaimSecure’s recently launched PhotoClaims submission feature, which is available through their eProfile Mobile Launcher app. It’s the easiest and fastest way […]


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