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Every company says their employees are their greatest asset, but at GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions®, we’re actually putting the fruit bowl where our mouth is! We don’t just do health and wellness for our clients, we do it for our team of ‘A’ players too. And let’s face it, even if you have a great place to work (we do), nothing says ‘wellness’ like 26 long weekends a year!

We go out of our way to give our employees the tools they need to be happy and healthy, both at work and at home. Some of the perks that keep the GroupHEALTH team awesome everyday are:

  • The option of doing our Fortnight Program: receiving every second Friday off (or… 26 long weekends a year)!
  • Employee Wellness Programs including:
    • Weekly mid-morning yoga stretching sessions led by a certified yoga instructor (tights not required)
    • Complimentary fresh fruit supplied daily
    • Lunchtime walking club
    • After work running club
    • Incentives for participating in Wellness activities
  • Great people to work with!
  • Lots of opportunities to eat cake! (people don’t live by wellness alone)
  • Access to our Group RRSP plan and Group Benefits (we pretty much HAVE to be awesome at this)!
  • Opportunities for professional development and career growth

Our continued success is due to our hard-working team of individuals who consistently surpass client and Partner expectations while delivering a value proposition that is virtually unmatched in the group benefits marketplace today.

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What Our Team Says About GroupHEALTH

It is a very warm and inviting office. Right from my first day I have felt like I gained a new family. GroupHEALTH is different than any other place I have worked before; it is a wonderful environment to work in. We are constantly doing activities to help us grow as a team and business, be it wellness activities to team building games to potluck lunches. Meagan S.Employee Since 2010
I wasn’t even looking for work when I came across a posting for a position at GroupHEALTH. I glanced through the posting (thinking of a friend who was looking for work), but quickly realized that it was actually the perfect position for me. I made the difficult decision to leave a very cushy job with people I really liked, for the opportunity to join an organization that would support my growth and allow me to live up to my potential. Lesley L.Employee since 2013
I like working here because of the High Energy, Team players, Fabulous Culture, FUN! GroupHEALTH has hired some truly talented employees, who have enhanced our workplace. GroupHEALTH is continually growing and changing as needed. An exciting ride always! Cheryl O.Employee Since 1999
Working for GroupHEALTH is like coming to a place each day where your thoughts are valued, your opinions are listened to and there is a real feeling of family and that people care. I have been given the opportunity for advancement and I feel that I have been very successful in building my knowledge base, accepting the challenges and making a difference. Liz S.Employee Since 2009
After spending the first 7 years of my career working directly for 2 of the Big 3 insurers, I made the decision in 2006 to find a place to work that would allow me to really learn the full nuts and bolts of our industry, and would allow me to find a great work/life balance and an outstanding culture. GroupHEALTH did all of that in spades. . Jeremy B.Employee Since 2006
GroupHEALTH is unlike any employer I have ever worked for. They truly CARE about their employees in every aspect and treat each employee as an important and valued team member. The culture is amazing -- it is not just a place to come to work but a family that unites together every day. Kimberly K.Employee Since 2010

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