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In every industry there is a company that thinks, and does things, differently. In employee group benefits, GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions® is that company.

Innovative and customer-focused, we’re not your parent’s insurance company. We’ve used equal parts passion, expertise and innovation to turn stated customer needs (yes we listen to customers!) into group benefits programs that save companies and their employees money, while still providing the very best protection available. That’s getting people’s attention.


‘What’ we do is employee group benefits. But, the real story here is ‘how’ we do it. GroupHEALTH has all the great core products you’d expect. It’s the unexpected, one-of-a-kind in Canada approaches to cost-containment that are creating buzz and client loyalty.

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The key word is ‘Team’. GroupHEALTH is led by a multi-talented group of people with diverse business and life experience. Maybe it’s our perspective beyond just Group Benefits, that enables us to deliver such innovative approaches to our Advisor Partners and Clients.

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GroupHEALTH is in the business of helping our clients look after their employees so it’s pretty natural that we also want to help look after the people and communities where we live and work. Find out more about how we give back.



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How does 26 long weekends a year sound? Now that we have your attention…  Are you looking for an innovative, entrepreneurial company where you can make a contribution that you and your clients will be able to see? (And we weren’t kidding about the long weekends).

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