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Renewing Your Group Benefits Plan

Every year, group benefits plans renew. Typically there are two outcomes: premiums are going up or there is a rate reduction. The question that needs to be asked in either circumstance is “why?” Too often the reaction to a good renewal (lower premiums) is to accept it as presented and for a bad renewal (increased […]

DMI Building

Disability Management Institute and GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions move in together

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia – Disability Management Institute (DMI) is moving this April from Port Coquitlam into the same Surrey office building as GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions. The move will allow DMI to align more closely with GroupHEALTH and take advantage of the infrastructure of a larger company to provide clients with even better support and […]

workplace wellness

The New Workplace Wellness

The mindset on a company’s role in keeping their employee’s happy and healthy at work has certainly evolved over the years. Organizations provide access to flu shots, health risk assessments, and fitness challenges to encourage physical wellness in the workplace. Nowadays, with more and more emphasis on mental wellness, organizations are also celebrating employee birthdays, offering […]


Creating a Respectful Workplace

This past Wednesday was BC’s Anti-Bullying Day (aka Pink Shirt Day), a day where people wear pink to take a stand against bullying, including bullying in the workplace.  As you may be aware, BC passed Bill 14 last year to address bullying, harassment, and violence at work by making amendments to section 5.1 of the […]

Drug Tool

Canadian Government Launches Online Tool for Drug Safety Information

The Government of Canada recently passed Vanessa’s Law with the intention to better protect Canadians from unsafe drugs by introducing important safety improvements and transparency measures to the Food and Drugs Act. As part of these improvements, the government also launched the Drug and Health Product Register (DHPR) online tool. Health Canada has approved all […]

heart diesase

Heart Disease: The Good News and the Bad News

A recent Heart and Stroke Foundation report revealed the medical community has made huge advancements in understanding cardiovascular health. This progress has allowed doctors and patients to make heart disease more manageable than it was decades ago and increase survival rates. Currently, five per cent of heart attack and stroke patients fail to survive an […]

Benefit Plan Exposed

Is Your Employee Benefit Plan Exposed?

Is there ever a perfect solution? Probably not, in a realistic world where employers want to keep costs contained and employees want unlimited benefits. There are ways of managing your company’s exposure yet ensuring quality benefits are available for employees that require them. The following is a quiz to see how exposed your company plan […]


Removing the Stigma of Mental Illness

This past Wednesday was Bell Let’s Talk Day when Canadians are encouraged to talk, text, and tweet about mental health to help remove the stigma of mental illness. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), more than half a million Canadians will miss work in any given week due to mental illness, which is […]

Sitting Disease

Fight the Sitting Disease

According to fitness experts, sitting is the new smoking. A recent Reuters article states prolonged sitting increases your risk of heart disease, obesity, and early death. Even active people are at risk because although working out will prevent other health problems, it’s not enough to fight the sitting disease. But for most people, sitting is […]

Communicating Benefits

Communicate the Benefits of your Group Insurance Plan

Whether you have a new group insurance plan or a current plan, it’s important for you to regularly communicate the benefits of the plan to your employees. Benefits Canada suggests three ways to engage employees so they understand and appreciate the value of your plan to them: Communicate using new and different mediums – customize […]


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